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The most rewarding aspect of our work is the appreciation we get from our clients. Please read below to see what some of them have to say about their experience.

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Kris Haughian

IT Manager

Regina, SK
My client had discovered that a drive had failed. It contained critical data. If changed the PCB with no successful result. DataCent quoted recovery. I sent the drive, they recovered the data as indicated on time and within quote budget. They delivered on all aspects and I will defiantly be using there services in the future for similar situations. Great Work!
Jeff Maurer

Washngton DC
You guys did a great job. All my data was there after a catastrophic failure of my hard drive. It was easy to download the data and I was back up and running quickly. Thanks again!
Esther Carrillo

Gifu prefecture
When my Seagate external HDD suddenly died on me I found very useful and comprehensive information on Seagate drives Datacent website. I decided to get a quote from them, despite the fact that they were in Canada and I live in Japan.
I honestly was not very hopeful that they could help me from the other end of the world and expected an exorbitant price to recover my data. What a nice surprise when a few hours after I had sent my request for a quote I received a very comprehensive e-mail from them with guidance on what may have gone wrong with my HDD and what could be done to recover it. After such professional and quick answer I replied right back and to my surprise I learned that sending my HDD to Canada would only cost me around 30USD, if so. They offered a very reasonable quote so I was convinced immediately. Sure enough, they managed to recover all my data at the exact same price that they had quoted and the data was back with me again in Japan in less than 2 weeks after that.
The service was speedy, reasonably priced and professional. I will surely use them again if I have another data crash and would recommend them without hesitation. These guys can help.

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