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Data Recovery Process: 5 steps

data recovery process - contact us
data recovery process - step1

Preliminary diagnostics and quote.
Your first step in getting back your data is to fill out and submit our Online evaluation form.
In the next few hours we will provide you with the final upfront quote and further instructions regarding data recovery process.

data recovery process - shipping media
data recovery process - step2

Shipping your media to us.
If you are satisfied with the quote follow these simple shipping rules to ensure we receive your hard drive promptly and securely so we can start working on it immediately.

data recovery process - free diagnostics
data recovery process - step3

Diagnostics and recovery job.
Once your media has reached our lab, our engineers will perform complex diagnostics, do head and platter swaps in our class 100 clean room environment, do firmware repairs if needed. The next stage involves imaging the data to an identical drive, so your original data will not be at risk. After that we will retrieve all required files and fix the logical problems, if any exist. If your hard drive file system structure is severely damaged, we will reconstruct individual files manually.

data recovery process - data return

data recovery process - step4

Data return.
After successful recovery, we will contact you with the list of recovered files for your approval and deliver your data to you on the media of your choice or via our secure FTP server at no extra charge.


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