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Earn with us!

DataCent Data Recovery invites you to participate in our Partnership program, established for computer shops, tech support providers, independent consultants and resellers around Canada and the US.

The situation when your customer's HDD breaks down or when important CDs/DVDs become unreadable may be quite common to you.

Even if you provide data recovery services for your customers by yourself, you know that some failures are impossible to manage without special equipment and solid knowledge and experience in this area.

We can help!

Next time, instead of disappointing your customer with a "Sorry" answer, consider one of the following options:

  • Refer your client to our company. And receive a 15% commission from us for the resulting invoice for data recovery, or
  • Be our Service Reseller. You remain in charge of the relations with your customer as we work with you behind the scenes. As our reseller, we provide you with a notable discount on data recovery and you can set your own customer prices.
We are confident that this is a mutual benefit partnership:
  • Your customers continue to receive excellent data recovery service and get their data back
  • You have happy customers and get extra income
  • We enjoy our growing clientele and make some profit
To become our reseller or referral partner please fill out our partnership form.

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